Boost Brain Power And Be A Leader God’s Way

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To Boost Brain Power and be the leader the Lord has called you to be, you will be spiritually uplifted below.

Let this be a time  in seeking the Lord in all things in details in your lives, including minute daily tasks.  He treasures hearing from us. He is waiting and listening for us to talk to Him. To be asking, consulting, meditating, giving fully with our hearts and minds to Him and for Him.

We are His royal priesthood.  What does that mean?  It means we are to serve Him in all things we do and say. To Praise Him. To Honor Him. To Give Him all the Glory in all things we do, say and experience.

I talk with Him all day long. Walking with Him in the cool of the evening as Adam and Eve did before the fall in the Garden of Eden.  Through these past 20+ years. I have come to love Him in ways beyond words in our language.  Since He has given me His heavenly language, I speak in tongues regularly through out the day each day.  Sometimes it is for building myself up in His spirit. Sometimes it is for intercession, since only Holy Spirit knows how we are to pray. Sometimes it is just to worship Him, praise Him and let Him know how much I want to walk like Jesus did when He was here on earth, to say only what my Father God speaks, to stay in complete surrender – submission – to His will, His way and His timing. In other words, our Brain Power really comes from Him.

This is Leadership God’s way.  You see a good leader is not to say “look at me” and do what I do, or say what I say.  A good leader always, but always points to Jesus. This means that you, me and every individual child of God needs to be in total submission to Him. And to ask Him what He wants us to do, say and think.  Romans 12:1 says “be ye not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds that ye may prove the good and acceptable will of God.”  This is what every person is to do.  When this happens you become a leader in the truest sense of that word.

Jesus had 12 disciples who followed Him closely. Then 70 more started following Him because they saw and watched Jesus and knew He is the Messiah.  This happened they were influenced (in marketing terms “attracted”) by Jesus.  His teachings, working of miracles, healings were clearly not only extraordinary, but were supernatural.  This was evident to the 70 and they became His followers too.

So James 4:10 says “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor.”  This is the New Living Translation. I like this version because it is showing us that the love, respect, admiration and honor we all are looking for in our lives, our businesses and  our relationships will not come from us, but from Him.  True success in this world results in our relationship with the Lord.  Our personal development comes from the Lord when we have accepted Him into our hearts as our Savior and our Lord.

Remember that our Brain Power is from the Lord  because He created us.

With Much Love and Abundance,


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Boost Brain Power-Brain Bears


The owner of Brain Abundance, Eric Caprarese, has a son that has been using Brain Fuel Plus.  Eric’s testimony is that Brain Fuel Plus has improved his son’s attention span and health in many, many ways.    I am writing this to let you all know that The Gummy Bears “Brain Bears” will be available to everyone in October.

Now Brain Abundance Dr. Behrouzi has developed a nutritional supplement for children.  This is in the form of gummy bears. These gummy bears have a natural flavoring in them that children love.  Now, I mentioned Eric’s son in the beginning of this post because if Eric’s son was much younger (he’s a teenager now :-), he could have taken these gummy bears. And who know what might have developed – or not developed – through his formative  years growing up.  I have not met him personally, but I have seen pictures and he looks like a healthy boy who enjoys life.  DISCLAIMER ALERT:  Now I am not making any medical claims here.  Just sharing what Eric has shared with all of us who are involved with the company.

Now to help children boost brain power with a brain enhancement supplement e.g. Brain Bears is one of the best ideas a brain health nutritional company can offer to a family who wants to see everyone have optimum brain health.  Children need vital nutrition while they are growing  up so that they stay healthy in all areas of their bodies.




Boost Brain Power – “The Brain” [Video]

In this video Paul Andersen explains the structures and functions of seventeen major parts of the brain. He begins with a quick discussion of brain evolution and ends with a review of the major parts presented inside the brainstem, cerebellum, thalamus, and cerebrum. To Boost Brain Power for Your brain click here for English, click here for Spanish, click here for Russian and CLICK HERE TO BOOST BRAIN POWER Now.

Not only do we need to boost our brain power, but we need to protect our brains.  As the years go by ( this is my way of not saying “older” LOL!) , our bodies stop producing key nutrients e.g. amino acids, antioxidants, etc. to help us stay health through the years.  If you have lapses of memory like “Where did  I put my keys?”, or “I do not have enough energy to get my work done,” or “I have trouble sleeping at night,” or “I struggle to keep my focus and concentration,” and the list goes on, you definitely need to start thinking about the nutrition in the foods you eat.  Also, keep a watch on your environment.  All of these factor into the health and well being of our bodies and in particular our brains.

Boosting your brain power is the best way to stay health and to get healthier as time goes on.

You can start by feeding your body, mind and brain with the 13 nutrients in Brain Fuel Plus



So do we really recognize that our brain power is actually diminishing day to day.  I believe most of us do recognize the difference especially when we wake up and it takes more and more time to clear our heads in order to start thinking straight.  And this can happen at any age.  When we stop and take stock of what is happening to ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically we start to recognize that as each day goes by to Boost Brain Power we not only should just think about it.  We nee do do something about it.

Now you will notice on this Home page that there are ingredients mentioned in each of these little circles.  Each of these circles represent one of the 13 ingredients in the Boost Brain Power formula called “Brain Fuel Plus”.  Decide now that you will take action steps to not only feed your body, but start feeding your brain cells now.  It is vitally important in this day and age with all of the pollutants and contamination in the air, our water supply, in our food supply, in our soil.  Yuck!  It grosses me out whenever I think about it.  I, and my husband, are taking Brain Fuel Plus and have been for 1 1/2 years.  It has changed  us in more ways that I can describe here.  Suffice it to say —-  It has done wonders for our bodies, minds, mental outlook, emotions, sleep plus more.


So here it is Boost Brain Power 24-7 and you will never regret it.   Buy now.  Click Here or anywhere else in this post other posts where it says Boost Brain Power, Brain Fuel Plus, Brain Supplement, Brain Enhancement LOL!!  I think you get the idea.  Anyway,  The choice is yours.  Don’t click and don’t buy it – I know I and thousands of others will be benefiting – and that makes all the difference in the world in over 170 countries.



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Boost Brainpower That Helped My Depression



I have battled these emotions e.g. mood swings all of my life and needed depression help.  I am now 65 years young. I now take  Brain Fuel Plus to Boost Brainpower  that helps me a lot.  I have been taking it for over one year now.  It has changed my life.

It is only recently that I began to feel myself lighter in my body – getting stronger and the emotional heaviness, depression and anxiety lifting off of me.

Are you crying out for help for your depression?

Now, I am a Christian who loves the Lord and know He is my healer.  He has healed me.  He also used a product that I have been using since March 1, 2014 for my nutrition and healing.

When I was 5 yrs old my mom committed suicide. I found her body. My brother was 3 1/2 at the time. My mom – I found out later in life, suffered from depression.  In addition, my dad had alcohol abuse issues and was working most of the time.  He remarried. But those of you who have step-parents know that person can never replace your biological parent.  I felt abandoned, rejected, loneliness, isolation plus a lot more.

My dad did not talk about anything concerning my mom or w hat happened. I did not have anyone around that would understand my pain.  Yes, when I was 36 ( my mom was 36 she she died) I started battling those demons telling me to kill myself.  Fortunately, the Lord had someone – probably many people – praying for me.  That passed and I continued to feel depressed and worthless with no value.

When I was 43, I had a breakthrough.  I craved getting to a church. It was a yearning, a longing to find one.  I did.  I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit from the Lord not knowing what it was at the time.  My life turned around.  The Lord gave me purpose, value and a sense of belonging that I had not experienced with Him before.  I was actually saved when I was 9 years old and began to hear His voice. He talked to me and I had conversations with Him.  However during those dark days.  I was drawing near to Him as I should have.  I was spiritually asleep with Him during that time.  I believe He carried me as the scriptures say the whole time without my knowing it.  But He chose not to speak.  He had His purposes.  He always does.

So, now I come to healthy nutrition that I needed in my body.  There were also other conditions going on in my body that perpetuated my desires to sleep, be lethargic, etc. that contributed to my brain’s mental deficiencies. I found out that it was clinical depression. I needed depression help.  All t hose years, I took all the emotions I was feeling and stuffed them deep down inside of me.  Repressing my emotions, not allowing myself to feel anger toward anyone but myself.  Anger issues did arise – but needed to control them in order to work successfully with people on the jobs I had.  All of those years took their toll physically resulting in a clinical state of depression in my body.

When I had the money I started eating correctly and taking vitamins.  They helped to a certain extent. But not quite enough.  The Lord spoke to me saying “I am Your Healer. Trust in Me. I will heal you.”  I did.  On March 22, 1992 when I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, I surrendered my whole life, entire being, soul, spirit, body, mind to Him.  I became happier and He blessed me mightily.  I met and married a wonderful, Godly man.  Then I found out that spiritual warfare was really what I had been battling all of my life, not knowing exactly what it was.    My people perish for lack of knowledge the Word of God says.  The Lord knows how much people are suffering and depression treatments.

I am here to tell you that when you take Brain Fuel Plus, you will feel a big difference mentally, emotionally, and physically in your body.

Click here to start taking Brain Fuel Plus to Boost Brain Power  

If you do not want to continue for any reason, you will get your money back with the empty bottle after the 30 days.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking this vitamin, mineral, amino acid and antioxidant supplement.

I really needed depression help from this product. It has been a God-given product for me that I cherish daily and Praise Him for it.

Buy Brain Fuel Plus Now To Boost Brainpower

—-  Renee




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Boost Brainpower – How We Changed Our Lives!!


Boost Brainpower

Have you noticed the emphasis on our brains recently especially for depression, anxiety

and low energy and sleep?

How can we keep our brains healthy, sharp and working at its maximum?

My husband is feeling more focused and less stress. I also have become a lot calmer.

My nervous system is settling down.

My battle with depression has subsided. It is easier for me to stay upbeat daily.

So, my husband is very happy  LOL!

I have always been interested in vitamins, herbs, alternative natural ingredients

especially since my dad was a pharmacist.  I knew I needed something to

boost my brainpower.  I heard stories that you would not believe.

This caused me to want to go in the opposite direction.  Interestingly, my dad was

big on taking vitamins too.  He knew. Being a pharmacist was his livelihood so he

didn’t want to change his career, he was good at it and loved it because he loved

helping people.  So what he did was to become the doctor’s conscience. He would

call them and say you have prescribed XYZ and ABC together for this patient.

These medications conflict with each other or whatever the negative impact

would be for that person.  The doctors loved him and appreciated my dad’s advise.

He kept the doctors informed and on the straight and narrow. God Bless my dad.

He’s in heaven now.

For my brain’s health I and my husband we look for natural ingredients that

  • Increases low energy
  • Enhances our memories
  • Gives us a deeper sleep
  • Depression help with antioxidant ingredents
  • Relieves anxiety and calms nerves
  • Protects our cardiovascular cells
  • Reduces oxidative stress for our body and DNA
  • Reduces inflammation not only in our brains but in our bodies too
  • Minimizes mood swing

We knew we needed to take a proactive approach to protect and Boost Brainpower

in our brains and bodies by protecting every tissue cell and organs by feeding it

the right supplements to protect the body from all of the free radicals that are out

there.  I am a health/nutrition junkie who has tried lots of products through the

years.  Not many of them worked for me.  Click on Boost Brainpower to change

your life today.






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Boost Brainpower


Boost Brainpower

We are Renee J Mack “Renee” and Woodrow W. Mack “Woody” here with  a Boost Brainpower that helps everyone who suffers with depression

Married 18 yrs. to Woody Mack & Loving It – Loving Jesus – Speaking The Words Our Heavenly Father Gives Us.

DREAM:  Being a Billionaires Extraordinaire Philanthropist Like John D. Rockefeller Sr. Who Knew Jesus. Giving, Giving, Giving With God’s Prosperity Both Spiritually and Materially.

VISION:  Feeding The Children, The Poor, Helping People With Whatever Is Needed Not Only in The Body of Christ, But With All People Around The World Like Joseph Ministered In Egypt. Sharing The Good News.

Both of us have an accumulation of over 30 years of workplace experience.  I – “Renee” – worked with lawyers and CEOs in private industry for 30 yrs. AND a number of MLM companies in the 1980’s.  My experience  with these companies taught me the needed components for a successful MLM company.  Brain Abundance has all of them.

Woody worked as an Auditor at the Department of Navy back in the 1980s and with the Department of Defense Inspector General’s Office from 1998 until 2011.


There is depression help for many who suffer from anxiety, low energy, lack of sleep and much more.  We claim no miracles.  But God…. He has given a formula of natural ingredients in a product that works for thousands upon thousands of people around the world.

Our brain is the engine to our bodies.  Could you just imagine what would happen when our brains stop functioning?  There is a lot of debate about when someone goes into a coma. Some people believe the person can hear people talking to them. And others do not believe they can hear anyone.  Either way it is our brain that has diminished in its functions.  The rest of the body cannot operate without our brain operating at its optimum.

Many of the disorders and diseases today originate in our brains.  Since I went to chiropractors for some years (not going now), I listened really closely to everything they said about our spines and how they are connected to our brains.  Our nervous system is intertwined around our muscles and bones. If you notice that when we overexert when exercising our bodies, a lot of times our nerves are affected and our muscles get sore.

Muscles, nerves, bones and all the systems in our bodies cooperate with each other and are run by our brains.

Click Here To Buy Your Boost Brainpower



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  1. Hello good day husband and wife , Am very happy for the good work you people are doing by sharing the word of with people and helping them also that is good and i just to ask how can you people also help me with the word of god and the other help you used to help the poor across the globe because am such a young guy who is seriously need help for my life to improve my education or continue my school program so please i hope all i said did not offend you any way …………….thanks looking forword to hear from you soon

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